Life International Christian Fellowship, 3 St. Leger Court, St. Leger Drive, Great Linford , Milton Keynes , MK14 5HA , 01908 394013

What is G.A.N.G?

A generation of passionate individuals. We are a diverse group of youth and young adults, working together to create the best communities, gatherings, and events that help other youth and young adults connect with purpose, power and clarity based on biblical principles. G.A.N.G is filled with a powerful worship experience, with the life-changing Word of God, and a wonderful opportunity for youth and young adults to connect, interact and fellowship. G.A.N.G is led by Deacon Aaron Hayford & his wife Deaconess Michal Maddix-Hayford.

Who attends G.A.N.G?
G.A.N.G is a mixture of youth and young adults who are students, working, single and married couples.

G.A.N.G’s Foundation?
GANG’s foundation is Biblical Teaching

When do we meet?
G.A.N.G services are held the last Sunday of each month at 11:00 am and we meet again in the evening at 6:00 PM for fellowship in the Worship Centre at LICF unless otherwise disclosed. We also have other activities like meals at restaurants, bowling, movie nights and much more.

How can I become a G.A.N.G member?
Visit our Facebook page to check for weekly updates or email us at

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