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We believe in helping people who cannot help themselves. For the past four years we have been involved in missions work in Davao, Philippines. We send resources and support them financially on a monthly basis to help hundreds of very poor people. We have also purchased a motorbike for the local Pastor, allowing him to travel into the villages, as it is not possible to do so by car.

Our ministry has been working to help improve the lives of the Davao Community since 2009. Davao is the largest city in Mindanao, South Philippines and is subject to many natural disasters, most recently the flash floods, which led to landslides destroying houses and loved ones in 2013.

In November 2011 we visited Davao and witnessed the poverty first hand. We met many children who were unable to attend school because they had to stay home to look after their younger siblings, as families are made up of generations stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty. The locals have limited access to educational materials and decent living facilities. We believe if we can change one life – then we have the potential to change others.

Help us to make a difference by visiting our donation page today! Just as Tesco says “every little helps”.

Bishop & First Lady Cynthia Maddix

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