As part of our vision in taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world, we are privileged to work alongside Pastor Toni Palma, LICF Philippines helping and supporting him and the church within the rural area. We have been able to help with bibles and financial gifts. It is our desire to supply more resources to our friends there such as clothing, books, and evangelistic material. There are hundreds of children to be ministered to through feeding programs. We hope to improve the quality of educational facilities by supplying books, pencils and other relevant products. With this in mind, we require the financial support of friends who will stand firm with us in making the vision in the Philippines become a reality. We have been commissioned to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature, but 99% of Christians have been reluctant to leave the comfort of their own homes. We at LICF are determined to make a difference locally and internationally.


Bishop and First Lady Maddix believe in the importance of the church being involved in community programs. The community outreach program shows love to those in the community, builds relationships and provides a safe local environment. Life International Christian Fellowship have many programs on a weekly and monthly basis, we help families, youth and young adults, singles, married couples in our local community. As Christians we are to set an example by leaving the church building and getting out on the streets, helping and talking to the people we see each day.

Some of our community programs include:

Food Drives
Clothes Drives
Community Clean-up Day
Family and Friends Day
Men of Purpose
Women of Purpose
Youth and Young Adults Programs
Unique Mums
Kids Night Out, Parents Night In
Relationship Seminars

We have many more programs you can get involved in and we welcome your donations of any amount.

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